Keep clean on the go.

Our all natural Cleansing Hand Spray kills germs with chemical-free ingredients from nature. With an active ingredient of over 70% organic ethyl alcohol paired with moisturizing ingredients like organic hemp seed oil, your hands are sure to be clean and soft. And the best part—our hand spray is delivered in a recyclable aluminum container designed for low environmental impact.

Cleansing Hand Spray

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*Estimated ship time 2-3 business days.

Our Ingredients

Here are all the good things inside:

Ethyl Alcohol (70%), Water, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Why We Love Hemp


All of our products are recyclable, all-natural, and designed for a low carbon footprint.

Our Impact

Good for you and the environment.

From how we source to how we ship, Keeper is an advocate for sustainable practices. By selling concentrated soap and utilizing glass and aluminum, we cut down on shipping and unnecessary waste.

Say Goodbye to Plastic