Say goodbye to plastic

It’s not as hard as you think. 

It’s hard to imagine, but plastic didn’t used to be everywhere. It wasn’t even a widespread material until the 1950s. But since then, we’ve produced over 8300 million metric tons of it. And it’s mostly going into landfills and our oceans – not good. It’s killing wildlife, and producing toxins that may slowly kill us too. 

How can we help? You guessed it. We need to do our best to say goodbye to plastic. If you own a Keeper, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. But we hear you! Getting rid of every plastic in your life is not easy. Sometimes, it can be impossible. 

Even if you can’t let plastic go completely, there are still a lot of ways you can reduce the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis. We’ll focus on your bathroom. Here are some simple, totally doable changes that we recommend. 

Bye bye, single use plastics!

Single use plastics make up half of our yearly waste, and it’s pretty easy to cut back quickly – start by saying no to things like plastic bags, straws, water bottles, coffee cups and takeout containers. All of these items have affordable alternatives that you can use over and over again – yippee!

Your bathroom is filled with single use plastics, so take a look at anything that’s super disposable. Once you use your last throw away razor, buy a reusable razor that only needs its head replaced. And, if you don’t already have an electric toothbrush, next time buy one that’s made of biodegradable bamboo – they’re just as affordable as the plastic ones, and our oceans will love you for it! Even tampon applicators are made of plastic that ends up in landfills or washed up on beaches (true story). It’s better to use brands with biodegradable applicators (we know, we know, sometimes not as good) or look into reusable products like the menstrual cup. 

Remember, small changes can make a big difference!

Opt out of products that aren’t earth-friendly

Buy products that come wrapped in cardboard, paper and other biodegradable material.

In the bathroom, this means maybe choosing a shampoo and body bar over a plastic bottle. (And make sure to stop using products that contain microbeads to exfoliate – they’re really just tiny balls of plastic that poison our oceans. No one wants those.)

Nowadays, you can even buy toothpaste that comes in tablets or powder (just add water) instead of a plastic tube. If you must buy something in a plastic casing, buy it in a larger size so that it doesn’t need to be replaced as often.

Keeper makes things easy – instead of buying plastic bottles that you consistently throw out and re-purchase, we’ll give you a plastic-free dispenser once, and soap concentrate refills as needed. We’re hoping that other care companies start to get the memo as well.

If you have to use plastic – recycle it.

If you’re left with no choice, be absolutely sure that the plastic you buy is recyclable. And then, when the time comes – recycle it :)


How have you been able to eliminate plastic in your life? Post your favorite ideas and tag us!