Why we love hemp

Hemp is a sustainable byproduct that does wonders for your skin.  Trusty beginnings. Hemp has been a leading crop since before you were born – like wayyyy before. There are records of hemp cultivation that date all the way back to 8000 BC. From Mesopotamia to ancient Asia to Medieval Europe to George Washington himself, people have grown hemp to make clothes, paper, rope, and more. The ancient Chinese even discovered hemp seed to be an excellent provision for food and wellness – they stored the seeds as an affordable grain and pressed them to make oil and salves.  The...

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Say goodbye to plastic

It’s not as hard as you think.  It’s hard to imagine, but plastic didn’t used to be everywhere. It wasn’t even a widespread material until the 1950s. But since then, we’ve produced over 8300 million metric tons of it. And it’s mostly going into landfills and our oceans – not good. It’s killing wildlife, and producing toxins that may slowly kill us too.  How can we help? You guessed it. We need to do our best to say goodbye to plastic. If you own a Keeper, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. But we hear you! Getting rid...

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What is soap?

A lot of soap out there isn't actually soap. Really.  Here’s the deal. Washing our hands is such a part of everyday life that we rarely stop to think about it – unless the soap is running out. Then, we might buy the soap that’s on sale at the grocery store, has cute packaging that matches our sink counters, or displays the words “clean” or “natural” in bold letters.  But until then, we go about our days. We might never really stop to think about it – we’re busy! But shouldn’t we take a moment to try? Afterall, this is a...

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