Keep Clean

Real soap for remarkable times.

According to the CDC, hand washing with real soap and water is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. At Keeper, each of our plant-based products is designed with safety, simplicity, and sustainability in mind. Get started here

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Our Products

Safe. Sustainable. Effective.

All Keeper products are thoughtfully formulated with everything you need and nothing more. 


Real soap has been made from plant oils for thousands of years. We use a simple, time tested formula that keeps you clean and safe. 

No Plastic

Keeper products come in sleek, reusable glass and aluminum bottles. 

Hemp Seed Oil

Our products use organic Hemp Seed Oil, which has a high concentration of natural plant fats, leaving your hands feeling amazingly moisturized. 

Keeper Refill Keeper Refill

Soap Refills

If you own one of our foaming dispensers and would like to buy refills, or sign up for a  subscription, you can do that here.

Hand Sanitizer

For clean hands on the go, our natural hand cleansing spray is safe and effective.

Our Story

Keeper is a part of A-Frame Brands, an LA based company launching a portfolio of plant-based brands that feature FDA approved, organic hemp seed oil.

A-Frame is on a mission to create innovative new products that help you stay healthy without synthetic ingredients or single-use plastics.